Web Browser Engine


Component Types
Component Types
In order to differentiate and group components, the above notation is used in the following sections. A component therefore is defined by its name and box-style.

Engine Components

Engine Components
WebCore Group
The WebCore group contains the implementation of fundamental web-technologies.

WebDiverse Group
The WebDiverse group is used for smaller web-technologies.

Platform Group
The Platform group contains fundamental routines, but also platform abstractions and other libraries that aren't necessarily associated with web-technologies.

NhTTY Library
The NhTTY library implements an independent presentation layer which allows Netzhaut to be controlled using text-only surfaces.

Engine Flow

Engine Flow
The engine flow is based on the platform group, which is used by all components. The WebCore and WebDiverse groups stand in close relation to each other. Together they implement web-technologies that a web-browser-engine is expected to support. The NhTTY library can call all other components because of its controlling capabilities.

WebCore Components

WebCore Components
NhDOM Library
The DOM implementation is contained inside the NhDOM library. The implementation is based on the following specification:
NhECMAScript Library
The ECMAScript implementation executes scripts. It is contained inside the NhECMAScript library and based on the following specification:
NhHTML Library
Containing the event-loop and forming the starting point for all web computations, the NhHTML library is an integral part of the engine. The implementation is based on the following specification:
NhCSS Library
The NhCSS library implements CSS defined methods for presenting HTML documents. The implementation is guided by following CSS specifications:
NhWebIDL Library
The NhWebIDL library provides the backbone for all scripting related web-technology implementations. The implementation is based on the following specification:

WebCore Flow

WebCore Flow
The NhHTML library calls the NhCSS library for presenting HTML documents. Both libraries rely on the NhDOM library for access and manipulation of DOM tree nodes. The NhWebIDL library implements the interface between the scripting engine in form of the NhECMAScript library and all other web-technology implementing libraries.

WebDiverse Components


WebPlatform Components